Championing towards reduced intervention time

RideSafe is a first time Blockchain based application offering real time Emergency Response solutions to the public motorbike sector in the event of an accident.

RideSafe has brought together a community of Riders, First responders, public motorbike passengers and well wishers  to participate in building a network that allows them to access riding & health services, reward good behaviour, earn income & empower the rider community.

The major cause of death in accidents is usually not the sustained injury but the post accident care of the sustained injury!

Why RideSafe?

 1. Distributed cost of care
2. Reduced intervention time
3. Multiple options for care points
4. Simple and Effective User interface
5. Guaranteed Quality care
6. Family Notification for all round care

“Having in place a service that would help to mitigate the challenges & reduce the burden of responsibility in the event of an accident, is what gave RideSafe a heart beat!”














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