RideSafe is a first time insuretech mobile based application offering real time health solutions to the public motorbike sector in the event of an accident. There are over 1.5m public motorbike riders in Kenya alone, RideSafe's goal is to reach to all the boda boda riders in east and Central Africa, later on expand to the whole of Africa and the world at large.

The major cause of death in accidents is usually not the sustained injury but the post accident care of the sustained injury!

Why RideSafe?

1. Easy to use
2. Fast response
3. Tailor made First aid service
4. No hidden agenda
5. Unbeatable low premium
6. Life saving
7. Savings

For only $ 1.5 per month or $ 0.35 per week RideSafe is the most ideal micro insuretech in decades past and to come. Having in place a service that would help to mitigate the challenges & reduce the burden of responsibility in the event of an accident, is what gave RideSafe a heart beat!